Hospitality, Food & Beverage Executive


       Cornell University, Executive Education Program (PDP)
  • General Managers Program,  2008
  • Certification in Strategic Hospitality Management, 2006
  • Certification in Hospitality Management, 2004
  • Certification in Foodservice Management, 2003


       Maritime Hotel Academy - Salzburg, Austria
  • Maritime Hotel Management, 1995


        Wirtschafts Foerderungs Institute - Graz, Austria
  • Certified European Master Chef (C.M.C.), 1993


Hospitality Degree, Professional Degree in Culinary Arts and Service (B.A.)

Berufschule Waldegg, Lower Austria


“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about developing others.”



     Culinary Institute Of America
  • The Art of Flavor in the World of High Quality, High Volume Dining, 2017
  • The Greystone Flavor Summit, 2016
  • Menu Innovations, 2015
  • Latin Flavors, American Kitchens Symposium Culinary Institute San Antonio, 2012
  • “Something Far From Ordinary” – The National Pork Board, 2007
  • Modern Meat Management Seminar, 2006
  • Wine and Food Pairing for Chefs, 2004
  • Southeast Asia – Traditional Flavors and Techniques, 2002


       American Culinary Federation
  • Executive Chef Certification (C.E.C)
  • Culinary Administrator Certification (C.C.A.)


       American Hotel Lodging Association
  • Certified Food and Beverage Executive (C.F.B.C)


       Instiut du Fromage, Atlanta Foods International
  • Cheese EssentialsCheese Creations, 2009
  • Cheese Merchandising - Cheese Grading, 2009
  • Cheese and Wine 102, 2009


         World Association of Chefs Society
  • Global Master Chef


    Esprit des Alpes University
  • Advanced Sugar, Pastillage & Chocolate Techniques